RO Drinking Machine

The key component of Storm RO drinking machine is Dow RO membrane, and its filtration precision is 0.0001 microns. Reverse osmosis technology purifies water in a purely natural way. When the water flows through the reverse osmosis membrane, it will remove all of the contaminants and bacteria which are dissolved in the water. The purifier doesn’t produce any foreign matters, odors and flavors. It has been the safest way to get the high-quality water until now.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Machine

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Machine

Product features:

•  High gloss finish, with stainless look and Sliding front door

•  Ergonomic–higher dispense point

•  LED light over faucet area

•  Cold water reservoir – replacing is simple, quick and hygienic

•  Large dispensing area for coffee pots and larger water bottles

•  Commercial grade and quality construction

•  Purifies water in a purely natural way.

•  Equipped 75G Dow RO membrane, it can efficiently remove all of the harmful substances.

•  Carbon filter uses better coconut granule active carbon, it can absorb harmful substances and improve the taste.

•  The clamping type filter cartridge can be easily replaced.