UF Drinking Machine

The key component of Storm ultrafiltration drinking machine is hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, and its filtration precision is 0.01 microns. The clamping type filter cartridge can be easily replaced. It can effectively remove impurities, sediment, rust, collagen body, suspended solids, microbiological, residual chlorine and so on which are greater than 0.01 microns in raw water, and also keep the minerals and trace elements which the human requires.

Ultrafiltration  Drinking Machine

Ultrafiltration Drinking Machine

Product features:

•  High gloss finish, with stainless look and Sliding front door

•  Ergonomic–higher dispense point

•  LED light over faucet area

•  Cold water reservoir – replacing is simple, quick and hygienic

•  Large dispensing area for coffee pots and larger water bottles

•  Commercial grade and quality construction

•  Purifies water in a purely natural way.

•  Adopt PAN hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane,it can efficiently remove harmful substances and retain minerals at the same time.

•  Carbon filter uses high-quality coconut granule active carbon, it can absorb harmful substances and improve the taste.

•  The clamping type filter cartridge can be easily replaced.



Counter Top Water Purifier and Rapid Heating Integrated Machine
Product features:
•  Water tank inside,  not exposed to direct sunshine so that prevent bacteria from growing.
•  Toughened glass front panel with touch buttons to provide water in three volumes and five temperatures.
•  Stainless steel rare earth thick film technology applied to heater, hot water can quickly come out in 3 seconds
•  3.5L water tank for multi-users, large dispensing area for coffee pots and larger water bottles.
•  Plug-in filter cartridges, easy to change.
•  Small and exquisite, no pipe connection needed, simple plug in for use at wherever you want.

Filtering Method:PP+Activated carbon composite filter+Ultrafiltration membrane+CFcompound filter
Tank Capacity:3.5L
Water Withdrawal:150~300ml(±15%)/time
Heat Capacity:30L/H(Boiling water)