Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Reverse Osmosis Purifier adopts reverse osmosis technology and produces high-quality drinking water. It purifies water in a purely natural way which does not add any chemical compounds during the purification process. When the water flows through the RO membrane, it will remove all of the contaminants and bacteria which have been dissolved in the water. The purifier doesn’t produce any foreign matters, odors and flavors. The purified water can be drunk directly, and this purification method has been the safest way to get the high-quality drinking water until now.

Ultrafiltration water purifier

Filter fineness of 0.01 microns, effectively remove bacteria, sand, grit, rust, debris, suspended matter, macromolecular organic matter and other deleterious substances, but let beneficial minerals and trace elements stay in water, water presents weak alkalinity.

Central Water Softeners

LONZE central water softener adopts ion-exchange technology which is the most mature way to purify the water. It can effectively remove more than 99% of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. The central water softener can make clean and comfortable water for showering and washing clothes, and also efficiently protect the water heater, water cooler and other water appliances from the scale.

Central Water Purifiers

LONZE central water purifier has a large treatment capacity. Generally, it is installed in the main inlet water pipe. The central water purifier can fully meet the daily needs, and also efficiently remove visible impurities, suspended matters, residual chlorine, rust, sediments, organic matters and other pollutants. The purified water is clean, colorless and tasteless. At the same time, central water purifier can efficiently protect water appliances connected to the water pipe system and extend their service lifespan.


Normally, the pre-filter is installed in the inlet pipe after the water meter. It can remove sediments, microbial remains, rust and other large grained impurities. The Pre-filter can provide a positive protection for water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, high-grade faucets, showers and other water appliances connected to the water pipe system.